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New England Section, A.U.A
President, Term: Sep 30, 2023
Aria F. Olumi, MD

President-Elect, Term: Sep 30, 2023
Gregory S. Adey, MD

Secretary, Term: Oct 31, 2023
Vernon M. Pais, Jr, M.D.

Secretary-Elect, Term: Sep 30, 2023
Brian H. Irwin, MD

Treasurer, Term: Sep 30, 2027
Veronica Triaca, MD

Historian, Term: Sep 30, 2023
Steven J. Shichman, MD

Past President, Term: Sep 30, 2023
John D. Seigne, MD

Representative-Western Mass, Term: Oct 31, 2023
Jonathan Starkman, MD

Representative-Vermont, Term: Oct 31, 2023
Richard T. Grunert, MD

Representative-Rhode Island, Term: Oct 31, 2024
Elias Hyams, MD

Representative-Eastern Mass, Term: Sep 30, 2025
Linda Ng, MD

Representative-Maine, Term: Sep 30, 2025
Jesse D Sammon

Representative-Connecticut, Term: Sep 30, 2025
Benjamin T Ristau, MD

Representative-New Hampshire, Term: Sep 30, 2025
Cullen M. Jumper, MD

Alternate Rep to AUA Board of Directors, Term: Sep 30, 2023
Adam S. Kibel, MD

Rep to AUA Bd of Directors, Term: May 31, 2025
Arthur E. Tarantino, MD