July 2017 Issue
"Now More Than Ever, Your State Needs Your Involvement"
Article by President-Elect Dr. Arthur Tarantino

Arthur Tarantino, MD
Arthur Tarantino, MD
"Blue State Budget Breakdowns" was the lead on a recent Wall Street Journal editorial, highlighting the budget woes of Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey and Maine. New England is replete with Blue States bleeding Red with debt. Multi-billion dollar deficits and unfunded pension obligations are preventing states from being able to focus on major social programs and infrastructure as well as critical healthcare issues like Medicaid payments to both providers and hospitals and coping with the crippling opioid crisis that is gripping all of the New England states.

Fortunately, it appears that years of organized medicine efforts in Washington, D.C. may begin to pay off with potential legislation addressing both the IPAB and liability reform. NOW more than ever, state legislative bodies need Physician involvement to advocate for the public health needs of their friends and neighbors. In Connecticut we have two Physicians in the House, one of which is running in a wide open governor's race in 2018. Armed with good ideas and the enthusiastic financial support of the entire medical community, he leads all of his rivals in early fundraising to qualify for public financing.

I challenge all of my Urology colleagues to get involved with State Advocacy. Whether you are employed by a hospital, healthcare system or still self-employed, get involved with your State and Specialty Societies. The C-6 component of the Section does provide dollars to help fund speakers at State Urology Society meetings...please avail yourselves of this opportunity. Meet your local legislators who probably are neighbors, social acquaintances and quite often a patient. Learn how your state’s campaign finance laws work so you can participate in campaigns.

The AACU and the State Society Network is an excellent resource to learn about issues active in the various state houses both nationally and regionally. Brian Irwin from Vermont is the New England Rep to the AACU Board and Kevin Loughlin from Massachusetts is running this years’ State Society meeting in Chicago. The AUA will be initiating a similar effort with the start of a State Advocacy Committee. I will be representing the New England Section on this new committee and am available for any questions anytime.

Please get engaged and contact us if you have any questions.

Art Tarantino, MD

Arthur Tarantino, MD - arthur.tarantino@hhchealth.org
Brian Irwin, MD - bhirwin@gmail.com
Kevin Loughlin, MD - kloughlin@partners.org

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