The New England Section Education Fund was created to support NEAUA educational activities in future years. Given recent changes seen in healthcare, politics and industry and knowing there will be more change in the future, the NEAUA leadership established the Fund as a way to ensure longevity of Section education regardless of the landscape. The Section is on its way towards its targeted goal of $500,000, and contributions from the membership will go directly towards the intent of the Education Fund and support educational activity for all members. For the smallest of all the Sections, New England has always been and continues to be one of the strongest.

Donate to the Section Education Fund

The Section Education Fund is part of the New England Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and its IRS EIN number is 04-2440813. All donations to the Section Education Fund are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

2017 Education Fund Donors

Richard Alexander, MD
Richard Allen, MD
Richard Babayan, MD
Analesa Baraka, NP
Paula Bellin, MD
Robert Blute, Jr., M.D.
Joseph Borer, MD
Peter Bosco, MD
Ernest Bove, MD
Richard Caesar, MD
Anthony Caldamone, MD
Joseph Cambio, MD
Joseph Camilleri, Jr., M.D.
Robert Campbell, MD
George Canellakis, MD
John Carroll, MD
Brett Carswell, MD
Marc Cendron, MD
David Chalmers, MD
Steven Colagiovanni, MD
Roderick Crocker, MD
Morice Dennery, MD
Anthony DiStefano, MD
Gary Dunetz, MD
Erik Enquist, MD
Carlos Estrada, Jr., MD
Adam Feldman, MD
Francis Garofalo, MD
Evangelos Geraniotis, MD
Pablo Gomery, MD
David Green, MD
Robert Hartnett, MD
Matthew Hayn, MD
Liam Hurley, MD
Brian Jumper, MD
Mark Katz, MD
Michael Kearney, MD
Hugh Kennedy, MD
Ruslan Korets, MD
Brian Kowal, MD
Stanley Kraus, MD
Jeffrey Lamont, MD
Dennis LaRock, MD
Michael Lee, MD
Richard Lee, MD
Lori Lerner, MD
James Mandell, MD
Scott Matson, MD
Francis McGovern, MD
Robert Mitchell, II, M.D.
Lawrence Muldoon, MD
Ricardo Munarriz, MD
Caleb Nelson, MD
Cyrus Noble, MD
Robert Oates, MD
Michael O'Leary, MD
Alexander W Pang, MD
Michael Parker, MD
Steven Previte, MD
Paul Pyo, MD
Anthony Quinn, MD
Jeffrey Ranta, MD
Craig Rinder, MD
Arnold D. Rivera, M.D
Ossama Sakr, MD
Brian Saltzman, MD
William Santis, MD
Russell Sarver, MD
Stephen Schiff, MD, FACS
Mark Sigman, MD
Jeffrey Small, MD
Matthew Stanizzi, MD
Peter Steinberg, MD
Stanley Swierzewski, III, M.D.
Simone Thavaseelan, MD
G. Thomas Trono, Jr., M.D.
Ingolf Tuerk, MD
Richard Yu, MD, PhD
Michael Zachareas, MD