New England Section Health Policy Essay Competition
Engagement of young urologists in urologic advocacy is extremely important, and attendance at the annual advocacy meeting (the Urology Joint Advocacy Conference and the AUA Advocacy Summit) are wonderful opportunities for the residents and fellows of the New England Section to engage in issues that will affect them as they come into their careers. The New England Section sponsors the travel of urology residents or fellows to attend the annual conference in Washington, DC through its annual Health Policy Essay Competition.

2018 Recipients and Winning Essays:
Eric Jung, MD, Brown University, Providence, RI
Curtis Cleveland, MD, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
Tyler McClintock, MD, Brigham and Women's, Boston, MA
Michael Rezaee, MD, Dartmouth Hitchcock, Lebanon, NH

2017 Recipients and Reports:
Alexander Cole, MD
Matthew Mossanen, MD

2016 Recipients and Reports:
David Friedlander, MD & Renu Xu, MD

2015 Recipients and Reports:
Michelle Kim, MD
Kevin Koo, MD, MPH

2014 Recipient and Report:
Kevin Koo, MD, MPH

New England Section Research Scholar Fund
In 2012 the New England Section Research Scholar Fund was created to provide research grants to young men and women within the NE region interested in pursing a career in urologic research. All eligible candidates from the New England region are encouraged to apply. Visit the AUA Foundation website to review program and application guidelines. New England Section Research Scholar grants are administered by the AUA Foundation.

2017-2019 Recipient:
Zongwei Wang, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
“Obesity and inflammatory mediators modulate prostatic growth by regulating aromatase activity”

2016-2018 Recipient:
Brian Shuch, MD, Yale School of Medicine
“Mitochondrial Alterations and the Metabolic Basis of Renal Oncocytoma”

2014 - 2016 Recipient:
Chunming Guo, PhD, Children's Hospital Boston
“A Mouse Model for Human Urinary Incontinence”

2013 - 2014 Recipient:
Anthony Schaeffer, MD, Children's Hospital Boston
“PROMIS-ing Continence: Development and Validation of a Novel
Patient-Reported Pediatric Urinary Incontinence Measure”

Max K. Willscher Resident Research Prize Recipients

1st Place: Keyan Salari, MD
2nd Place: Lael Reinstatler, MD
3rd Place: Jamil Syed, MD
1st Place: Benjamin King, MD
2nd Place: Kevin Koo, MD
3rd Place: Alexander Cole, MD
1st Place: Gregory Murphy, MD
2nd Place: Valary Raup, MD
1st Place: Seth Bechis, MD
2nd Place: Briony Varda, MD
3rd Place: Levi Deters, MD
1st Place: Rachel Moses, MD
2nd Place: Zeeshan Danawala, MD
3rd Place: Scott Wiener, MD
1st Place: Benjamin Herrick, MD
2nd Place: Joshua Kaplan, MD
3rd Place: Michael Kurtz, MD
1st Place: Peter Chang, MD
2nd Place: Ravi Kacker, MD
1st Place: Stephen Williams, MD
2nd Place: Ying H. Jura, MD
3rd Place: Boris Gershman, MD
1st Place: Rian J. Dickstein, MD
2nd Place: David W. McDermott, MD
3rd Place: Michaella M. Prasad, MD
1st Place: Pierre J. Mendoza, MD
2nd Place: Daniel M. Kaplon, MD
3rd Place: Mohummad M. Siddiqui, MD
1st Place: William V. Shappley, III, MD
2nd Place: Brian H. Eisner, MD
3rd Place: Brian H. Eisner, MD
1st Place: Rashmi Shetty, MD
2nd Place: Daniel M. Kaplon, MD
3rd Place: Christopher M. Lodowsky, MD
1st Place: David Canes, MD
2nd Place: Chad Wotkowicz, MD
3rd Place: Howard H. Kim, MD
1st Place: Joseph F. Renzulli, MD
2nd Place: David M. Rodin, MD
3rd Place: Seetharaman Ashok, MD
1st Place: Patrick J. Zielie, MD
2nd Place: Arthur P. Mourtzinos, MD
3rd Place: Veronica Triaca, MD
1st Place: William C. Huang, MD
2nd Place: James O. L’Esperance
3rd Place: Benjamin I. Chung

Practicing Urologist Research Award
Applicants must be from local or community-based hospitals and must be engaged in clinical or quality improvement research in the field of Urology. Prior recipients of the Practicing Urologist Research Award are not eligible to re-apply.

John T. Stoffel, MD 2009 Recipient:
John T. Stoffel, MD
Lahey Clinic
Burlington, MA
Thomas Schwaab, MD, PhD 2008 & 2007 Recipient:
Thomas Schwaab, MD, PhD
Concord Urology
Concord, NH
Robert C. Eyre, MD 2003 Recipient:
Robert C. Eyre, MD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, MA

Research Award Program
Post Residency Research Grant
Applicants must be no more than 10 years post-residency and must be serving as fellows or junior faculty. Funds are to be used to support a research program in basic or clinical sciences related to Urology. Prior recipients of the Post Residency Research Grant are not eligible to re-apply.

Joseph F. Renzulli, II, MD 2009 Recipient:
Joseph F. Renzulli, II, MD
Brown University
Providence, RI
Richard N. Yu, MD 2008 Recipient:
Richard N. Yu, MD
Children's Hospital, Dept. of Urology
Boston, MA
Hiep T. Nguyen 2007 Recipient:
Hiep T. Nguyen, MD
Children's Hospital Boston
Boston, MA
Carlos R. Estrada, Jr. 2006 Recipient:
Carlos R. Estrada, Jr., MD
Children's Hospital Boston
Boston, MA
John A. Taylor, III 2005 Recipient:
John A. Taylor, III, MD
University of Connecticut Health Center
Farmington, CT
Mark Plante 2003 Recipient:
Mark K. Plante, MD
University of Vermont
South Burlington, VT